Revamp and Recycle your Closet

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

We've all been there, you wake up in the morning, look into your closet full of clothes and still find yourself thinking that you have nothing to wear. But clearly there is! When I feel like my styling compass is stuck on blah I revamp my closet. The first thing I do to start revamping is by taking every piece of clothing I have and dumping them into a huge pile on my bedroom floor. I do this for two simple reasons, 1. It helps me really see the reality of how many clothes I have. And 2. It ensures that I will go through every single piece of clothing one by one. I make sure I have a box or garbage bag close by and I turn on a show I want to binge watch or blast my music and I then start sorting my clothes. I go through each thing and 2 questions pop into my head, "Do I remember the last time I wore this?" and, "Do I see myself wearing this anytime soon?" If both answers to these questions are "idk" then into the giveaway box or bag they go. Now if the answers to these question are "yes and hell yes" then that means you are excited about this piece and it probably speaks to your personal style in some way. I don't hang all my clothes up so I proceed to fold that piece and put it to the side. I repeat this with every piece of clothing on my floor until there's nothing left. This is also the perfect opportunity to organize my closet space in the way that works best for me. Whether that be color coded or, like me, organizing clothes into sections by tops, pants, jackets, and dresses. When that's all done, I see if I can sell some of the giveaway clothes on sites like Depop, ask a friend if they'd like anything, drop them off at a charity such as Project G.L.A.M, or your local thrift store such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill. And Voila! my closet is officially revamped! Let me know in the comments your favorite closet editing and organizing tips and tricks. :)

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