Meaning behind Moni Operandi

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Hi guys, this is my first bloggy blog as you can probably tell and I'm so excited about sharing some of myself with you all. I wanted to give yall the rundown of what is to come. Currently I am a self proclaimed stylist, designer, and cannabis connoisseur. I made this site because I have always been into shopping, styling, and giving clothes new life. I guess it would make sense for my first post to be about my own personal style and what the heck Moni Operandi even means. So, for all my vocab fanatics out there you probably already noticed that Moni Operandi is a play on the phrase "modus operandi" which means: a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established. My style has gone through many phases over my lifetime but one thing that always stays the same is that I'm ALWAYS feeling good in what I'm wearing. I believe that should be the number one rule when shopping for yourself. Moni Operandi really stands for establishing your own style and figuring out a way to make clothes look their best on you.Yes, I know Zendaya rocked a color-blocked, shoulder padded, oversized pantsuit straight off the runway, but is that something that I could see myself wearing in my day to day life? Probably not lol. Instead, when pulling inspiration from other fashionistas it is important to copy the IDEA of the outfit and NOT the outfit itself. Figure out the things that you like most about an outfit such as the color combinations, silouhette, or maybe you just like pantsuits. Then apply these attributes to your closet, or look for pieces with those same characteristics next time you go shopping. Well, that's all I have for now. I'm not sure how often I'm going to be blogging but follow my Instagram @moni_operandi for more updates on that. Thanks for reading! This is the start of something great.

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