It's the accessories for me!

Hey Moni Team! It's been a while since I felt motivated to blog because well, I didn't think anyone really read them so I figured, why rush it ? lol. But I realized that sometimes it's just nice to get my thoughts and ideas out in writing. When you think of style and fashion most people think about clothes right away. Clothes are definitely an integral part of fashion, but often times accessories are underrated and can easily give clothes new life. Plus, often times they're cheaper than buying a whole new outfit. Shoes, purses, earrings, sunglasses, and even socks can really turn an average outfit into a stylish dream. Be careful though, because there is definitely a way to over accessorize. Over accessorizing is a sure way to drown out a great outfit, and we never wanna waste a fit! My go to rule for accessorizing is to have a few staple accessories on hand. For example, I always have on my small gold chains and am usually carrying a purse or backpack. For you it could be your favorite glasses, a bracelet/anklet, or ring. It really should be personal, versatile, and comfortable to ensure that it works with a majority of your closet. Building onto those staple pieces, the accessories depend on the outfit. If I'm wearing a minimalistic outfit I usually go for more jewelry because I feel like it will be showcased better with a more understated ensemble. Whereas, if I'm wearing busy or heavier clothing I tend to let the clothes have all the spotlight and my accessories are simply used to enhance the clothes, and not take away from the look. There is definitely exceptions to my rules but the best way to find your "accessorization balance" is to try things out in the mirror and see how they look what do you want peoples eyes drawn to when they look at you? what do you want to go unnoticed? practice try things out and have fun with your accessories. They're definitely your friends :).

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